Superman and Judaism

▪︎Superman was created by two Jewish teens: Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster.
▪︎Superman’s vestments cause him to stand out from the masses and include a cape (tallit?).
▪︎His identity is Kryptonian (viz. Crypto-Jew): Superman finds safety in America only if dressed up as a “gentile” instead of a foreign alien. Disguising himself as Clark Kent is a nod to Jewish immigrants trying to “pass” in the Gentile community into which they had newly integrated after escaping the Holocaust (the comic featuring his first appearance went on sale 18 April 1938). Just as “kryptonite” exposed Superman’s weakness, being found out as Jews was detrimental to many Crypto-Jews in 1930s Europe.
▪︎DC superheroes, across the board, were based on The Talmudic Tales, which were in turn representations of the heroes of the Tanakh who exhibited supernatural abilities to achieve great salvific feats inspite of their inherently human nature/mortal shortcomings.
▪︎See also:; and

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