About Us

Yiddishkeit 101™ is a new startup company developing affordable homeschool learning aids and games for all ages.  Yiddishkeit is the Yiddish word for “Jewishness” — and that is exactly what this company is all about.  We aim to assist in the education of Jewish families… especially those who homeschool.

Most articles and lesson plans are free, but a few items are offered here for sale at a reasonable cost, and the rabbinical semikha (ordination) and chazzan certification are offered through a partner (Messianic Jewish Rabbinate) for a fee.


  • Pat Hilton is a food industry expert who is knowledgeable in the potential health consequences of a non-kosher diet as well as being well studied in the agenda of Common Core.  He has been asked to join us as a contributor in these areas and may have other insights to offer as well.  Pat has 5 daughters living at home.
  • Prof. Brian Tice, B.Sci., M.Sci. is a Hebrew research scholar with Manuscript Research Group and Inspired Academic & Cultural Exhibitions and a professor of Biblical Studies, including Biblical languages.  He is the author of Reflecting on the Rabbis” Sage Insight in to First-Century Jewish Thought  (MJR Press, 2017) and Kosher Ketosis (Yiddishkeit 101, 2019). He has allowed us to link to articles and tools already online at his website as well as agreeing to serve as a content creator here.  He studied elementary education (music) and post-secondary education (Biblical languages) and has worked in both public and charter schools.
  • Yiddishkeit 101 is the tag which will appear on articles and content written by anonymous staff personnel or by the site administrator, Randi Dixon.

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