The Science of Shechita

Shechita (שחיטה) refers to the proper procedure for conducting kosher slaughter. It is a matter of Torah law that the animal not be made to suffer unnecessarily in the slaughter process. A kosher slaughter is performed with the intent of causing a rapid drop in blood pressure in the brain and loss of consciousness rendering the animal insensible to pain and to exsanguinate (expel blood) in a prompt and precise action. The illustration below demonstrates that for some animals, it is actually impossible for a slaughter to be conducted without causing horrible pain. These animals are designated in Scripture as unclean and are not to be eaten. Only those animals which can be given a humane slaughter have been designated by Hashem as clean. “Hashem is full of grace and compassion…” (Exodus 34:6a) seems to characterize not just His dealings with human beings, but with all creation!  Barukh Hashem!
Kosher Science