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Introducing a new board game to help families learn about the benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle. From the back of the box:

Card Deck back (reg size)Object: To stay in an ongoing state of nutritional ketosis—the ideal state for metabolic optimization and efficiency. What are the things that threaten to kick us out of ketosis? What are the things that stagnate our progress toward our health goals? Is a cheat day okay? Hmmm… lose a turn. Running out of exogenous ketones? Uh-oh! Start over from the beginning! It’s all fun and games until someone gets kicked out of ketosis! But it’s not just avoiding pitfalls, there are things we can do to optimize our keto lifestyle and advance more rapidly toward our goals! Regular exercise, drinking lots of water, boosting our electrolytes, and even drinking bio-identical ketones!  Will you finish the Rhino Run strong? © 2019 Yiddishkeit 101™

Ketosis looks different for everyone, so the situation cards direct players to roll the die and advance or go backward accordingly. This demonstrates that the same scenario applied to one person may manifest to a different degree from one person to the next. One may experience a level 6 in better energy and the next only a level 2… but even a 1% improvement is a benefit! The benefit cards far outnumber the pitfall cards in our deck. This teaches that there are always ways to recover from a slip-up. Though fat loss is a benefit of ketogenic praxis, this aspect is not a focus of the game. Body dysmorphia is a reality, so the game focuses on the other benefits of ketosis, i.e. better energy, focus, mental clarity, and sleep. It also emphasizes that success does not require perfection, failures are not fatal, and courage to continue is what counts.

Lastly… why rhinos? Rhinos are “warrior unicorns!” See the characteristics of a rhino here. Charge on!

Box contains: game board, 36 cards, 6 player pieces, 1 6-sided die, and hours of fun!

Players: 2-6 | ages 12 and up

Watch for game release at https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/rhino-run