Kosher Ketosis

Kosher Ketosis cover graphicKosher Ketosis: A Treif-Less Approach to Keto Living is a new book from Rabbi Brian Tice, author of Reflecting on the Rabbis: Sage Insight into First Century Jewish Thought. Not only does the author engage the question of whether it is healthy to convert to a ketogenic eating plan, he also provides practical menu adjustments prioritizing a distinctly Jewish palate. Low-Carb adaptations of bagels, baklava, and babka adorn the Low-Carb Baking section, while staples of Jewish life such as kreplach, matzo ball soup, and falafel are presented on other pages. Though it is packed full of keto-friendly versions of traditional Jewish foods from around the world, it is so much more than just another Jewish recipe book.

  • It has an introduction addressing the question: “Is Keto Kosher?” which explains the goals of the diet and the science behind it as well as the ability and feasibility of still keeping the traditions of the feast days within the boundaries of keto living.
  • It is seasoned with enlightening mini-articles talking about Jewish communities in places you may not have realized even had a Jewish history!
  • It features an extensive bibliography of articles to read for deeper discussion of the many bonus factoids “peppered in” among the recipes.
  • It includes quotes from Jewish Sages pertaining to the importance of taking care of the bodies which Hashem gave us to house our souls.
  • Full-color photos of every dish garnish the easy-to-follow recipe formatting.
  • It provides nutritional analysis for every recipe it presents.
  • It invites readers to engage with the author by providing his email in the book so that any questions can be asked of him directly.
  • Buy the print edition, get the Kindle ebook free (a $4.88 value)!
  • All proceeds go toward offsetting the cost of distribution of free nutritional supplements to the poor.

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