Morning Blessing “Modeh Ani”


One thought on “Morning Blessing “Modeh Ani”

  1. What does it mean that G-d has “returned my soul within me”? Are we soul-less at night?

    Tzvi Freeman explains, “In its most simple sense, Modeh Ani is a statement of gratitude. At night, I gave my weary soul into G‑d’s hands, and He returns it to me in the morning—not as I left it, but refreshed and renewed.”

    Nachmanides (“the Ramban”), writes:
    “This verse gives a hint of the great quality of the neshama, its foundation and its secret. For in its creation, the entire Divine Name is mentioned. Then the verse says, ‘He blew into his nostrils the breath of life’ to tell us that the neshama is not created from the four elements of fire, air, water and earth as the other animated creatures were. Neither does it devolve from the distinct intelligences [angels]. Rather, the neshama extends from the spirit of knowing and understanding within the Divine Name. For when someone blows of his own breath into another, he is putting his own neshama within him.”


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